Here at Woolwich Polytechnic School we are proud of our vibrant and creative Drama Department. We believe that Drama is, not only, a highly effective tool for learning but offers the opportunity for students to excel. Drama is a subject that, by its very nature, encourages independent thinking and collaboration. In addition, it instills confidence and a strong sense of community.

The Drama department offers extensive extra-curricular opportunities across all Key Stages. We take part in National Theatre Connections each year and have even performed at the National Theatre itself. KS3 Drama club runs throughout the academic year and culminates in a production at the end of the Summer Term.

We have visiting professionals from Theatre, TV and film who run workshops and performances in school, to support student progress. There are also numerous theatre trips to West End and small scale productions which give students a wide range of theatrical experience.

Programme of Study
Year 7
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Greek Theatre, Darkwood Manor
History of Theatre, Physical Theatre (basic)
Evacuees, Melodrama
Year 8
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Mask & Mime, Joe
Devising from stimulus, Status and Improvisation
Moral Dilemma, Physical Theatre (advanced)
Year 9 - Qualification: GCSE (Syllabus: WJEC)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Living in Fear (OCD), Intro to Stanislavski
Live Theatre, Introduction to devised work
'Stone Cold', Devised Performance
Year 10 - Qualification: GCSE (Syllabus: WJEC)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Masters of War, 'DNA'
Introduction to Artaud, 'Blackout'
'Macbeth', Begin preparation for Unit 1 exam
Year 11 - Qualification: GCSE (Syllabus: WJEC)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Unit 1 (Devised performance) rehearsals and exam, Portfolio/controlled assessment completion
Unit 2 (scripted) rehearsals and external exam
Review of Unit 3 text and Unit 3 (written) exam.

At Key Stage 3 we focus on imagination, creativity and awareness. As well as learning a range of performance skills, dramatic play allows students to learn empathy and self-control. Learning through Drama and about Drama provides opportunities to experiment with improvisation, storytelling, and script work and to apply a range of performance styles and genres.

Schemes of learning include Greek Myths, Physical Theatre, Masks and Mime, Moral dilemmas and The History of Theatre. Students also study the work of different playwrights, consolidating literacy skills and further instilling confidence. Learning at Key Stage 3 provides a solid foundation from which to begin the GCSE Drama course in Year 9.

Key Stage 3 Drama club is on a Wednesday after school in the Drama Studio.


What you will study

We use the WJEC GCSE syllabus for KS4. During this exciting course you will learn a range of performance skills as well as use Drama to analyse topics and themes. Although practical work is at the core of the syllabus, you will also be required to use written skills evaluate your own Drama work and that of others. You will need to work well both independently and in groups and perform your work in front of an audience.

How you will be assessed

Assessment is based on:

  • A group performance to an audience that is marked by an external examiner.
  • A devised group performance based around a stimulus and in the style of a practitioner/genre.
  • A portfolio/controlled assessment of written work which supports the choices you made in the devising process.
  • A written exam in the Summer.