English is a subject that all boys study until the end of Key Stage 4. We aim to make all our boys inquisitive and independent learners. We have designed a curriculum that is both fun and engaging and relevant and appropriate. 

We show the boys how to analyse things and appreciate a variety of viewpoints. We teach a wide range of texts and encourage the boys to read! We also develop their speaking and listening skills: helping them to become more confident and form their own opinions. We offer A Levels in both English Language and Literature.

We will be running a range of trips and competitions, including a pupil of the month from every year group.  We will also be having debate competitions, spelling competitions and a spoken English competition.  We will advertise the clubs and competitions around the school.

Programme of Study
Year 7
In Year 7, pupils will continue to build on the skills acquired at primary school as well as developing new ones. These are divided into the three key areas of reading, writing and speaking and listening; all three have an equal weighting within theEnglish classroom. In addition to this, all Year 7 pupils have a weekly stand-alone literacy lesson which focuses solely on the development of the key literacy skills such as spellings and grammar.
Year 8
In Year 8, the curriculum mimics that of GCSE. This is to ensure all pupils are suitably prepared for the new GCSEs which came into place in 2015. As a result, all Year 8 pupils study a wide range of texts from William Shakespeare to Charles Dickens as well as a range of literary non-fiction and non-fiction texts written by contemporary writers. In addition to this, pupils will also develop the skills required to communicate for a range of audiences in a confident and coherent way through theproduction of different text types.
Year 9
In Year 9, students follow a 'Bridge to GCSE' programme, specially designed to prepare them for the demands of the new Edexcel GCSE which they will officially begin working towards in Year 10. As such, they cover a range of texts and skills related to both English Language and English Literature.
Year 10
In Year 10, students will commence preparation towards two separate GCSE qualifications: GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature both of which will be examined at the end of Year 11. The GCSE English Language course assesses two main skills: reading and writing. In additional, students will be assessed on a speaking and listening component. For English Literature, students will study a range of 19th and 20th Century texts from plays to poetry to prose.
Year 11
In Y11 the English Department follows the IGCSE Cambridge for English Language. The course consists in three components: Speaking and Listening, Coursework portfolio and the Exam component.We follow the AQA Literature Certificate. All pupils have to do an extensive piece of coursework and the exam based on Unseen Poetry and A View from the Bridge.
At KS3 we promote academic excellence by teaching students ways of engaging, inquiring, and learning through intensive study of language, and by involving them in creating, comprehending, and interpreting different kinds of text. We enable this through the use of inspiring and rigorous texts that tackle thought provoking subjects. These texts challenge and inspire whilst also fostering a love of the English language.<br>
At KS4 pupils follow a rigorous programme of study that cover a variety of different texts and genres. Pupils will read plays, novels and poetry and also an array of non-fiction writing. We aim to develop our pupilsí understanding of written texts and how to analyse their effectiveness. Pupils also work on their own writing skills in order to write effectively for both audience and purpose. We assess regularly so both parents and pupils are aware of progress in both Language and Literature.