Geography at Woolwich Polytechnic School is built upon a thriving department with a strong profile within the school. Examination results at GCSE exceed national levels and reflect the effective, caring and motivating environment in which students are able to thrive in the exploration of their world - and which lead to the achievement of highly commendable qualifications. These results are built on the fundamental aim of providing outstanding classroom experiences for students at all levels of age and ability. We constantly review what we teach, how we teach it, and what makes for best practice in the classroom, readily adapting lessons to support the studentís needs and ensuring they progress well.
Programme of Study
Year 7
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Map Skills, Local Area Study, Settlement
Earthquakes, Weather Microclimate, Geology
Year 8
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Coasts, Development Studies
Volcanoes, Population
Year 9 - Qualification: GCSE Geography (Syllabus:AQA)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Rivers, Tourism
The Challenge of Natural Hazards
Urban Issues and Challenges
Year 10 - Qualification: GCSE Geography (Syllabus:AQA)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Controlled Assessment, Energy, Coasts (incl. data collection trip)
Year 11 - Qualification: GCSE Geography (Syllabus:AQA)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Investigating the Shrinking World: Global Tourism
We aim to give students an experience of physical and human geography supported by the most topical and up to date case studies which they would be familiar with. Areas studied include: - Map Skills - Local Area Study. - Settlement - Earthquakes - Weather - Volcanoes - Ecosystems - Coasts - Population - Microclimates
Geography GCSE explores a range of interesting human and physical topics: - Understand why the urban areas have grown, what problems this brings and how we manage these problems. - Coasts: To be able to explain the processes at work along the coast and how the features are formed and managed. - Tourism: How has tourism changed in the last 50 years, where do people holiday, what problems do tourists bring and how can tourism bring benefits to countries and regions? - Hostile WorldStudy volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes & wildfires. Geography is about understanding people and places. It is about investigating and making sense of environmental and social issues at local, national and global levels.