Students often ask the question “why do we have to do Science?”. Science is compulsory in Years 7 - 8 and is offered as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In year 9 -10 students study GCSE science Core and additional science. In year 11 Set 1 and 2 students have the opportunity to study Triple science, so that students can:
  • Understand the world around them and their role in that world.
  • Understand the role of Science plays in our society.
  • Develop skills of planning and conducting investigations, gathering information, team work and evaluating their findings.
  • Act responsibly when using scientific equipment and applying scientific knowledge.
Science education enables students to:
  • Develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to find answers to their own questions about the workings of the biological, chemical, physical and technological world and become better informed citizens.
  • Attempt to find solutions to problems arising from their own needs and experiences in daily life.
  • Take a confident part in public debate and decision making about Science.
Programme of Study
Year 7
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Safety and skills, Working as a scientist, How science works investigations, The human body, Reproduction
Electricity and magnets, Electrical circuits, Forces and pressure, How Science Works. Particles, Chemical reactions, Photosynthesis, Competition, Adaptation.
Year 8
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Respiration and health, Atoms, Elements, mixtures and compounds. Energy changes and transfers, STEM activities. Earth and space, Sound and waves, How Science works investigations.
Year 9 - Qualification: GCSE (Syllabus: AQA)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
AQA endorsed bridging the gap between KS3 and KS4 focus on HSW, Nanoscience and Bioluminescence, P1 Core Science.; C1 – Core science B1 - Core science, Practical in exam skills.
Year 10 - Qualification: GCSE (Syllabus: AQA)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
Additional science C2, Core science C1 revision, Additional science P2 and core Science P1 revision. Additional science B2, Core science B1 revision, ISA Preparation. ISA assessments, Core science revision.
Year 11 - Qualification: GCSE (Syllabus: AQA)
Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3
P3/C3/ B3. P3/C3/ B3. Revision.
At Key stage 3 students study a range of topics including a strong emphasis on how science works, investigation skills and STEM.
At Key stage 4, students study the GCSE AQA qualification, to either achieved 2 GCSEs in science or 3 separate science qualification (Triple).