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Work Related Learning

Character plays an important part to becoming one of "tomorrow's leaders". One way to broaden our experiences is to learn from others. We have a guest speaker programme, allowing successful professionals to share their life experiences with us. We have welcomed speakers such as Charlene White, Mark Robson, Rob Beckett, Robert Sheehan, Lenny Henry and Peter Tatchell through our doors. We have learned about specialist professions from law to medicine to global businesses to financial trading on Wall Street.

It is important that we are able to put what we learn about the world of work into practice. We offer 2 weeks' work experience at the end of year 12 closely related to subject specialisms. Our work experience program has allowed budding surgeons to witness brain surgeries, potential lawyers to assist on murder trials, future chemical engineers opportunities to input on global projects, prospective doctors to observe Caesarian child birth and future journalists have had work published in broadsheet newspapers.

Furthermore, in partnership with Lloyds bank, we offer a mentoring programme for both year 12 and year 13 students. This is an additional area of support and guidance. Our mentors can assist with personal statements, CVs, UCAS, as well as helping to further develop life and work skills.

Here at the Poly, we are serious about developing individuals who are ready to embark on their future journey towards leading their communities into the future.