A Level Design and Technology: Product Design

Exam Board


Course Entry Requirement

  • 7 in Design and Technology
  • 5 in Maths

Course Overview

Students are taken on a journey through an exciting and broad curriculum, where they will learn how to design and make a range of working products, understanding developments in the newest materials and processes used to make products we engage with in our everyday lives. Students will have access to a range of specialist equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers and computer software programmes, which will allow them to realise their own ideas. Students will gain a deep understanding of how the world around us works through developments in technology and sustainable practices.

A Level Design and Technology: Product Design requires students to engage in both practical and theoretical study. This specification requires students to cover design and technology skills and knowledge as set out below. These have been separated into:

  • technical principles
  • designing and making principles.

Students must also demonstrate maths and science skills and show how this can be applied in the context of Design and Technology.


Assessments are completed throughout Year 12 through focussed practical tasks, mini projects and timed exam practices. PPE’s take place in Decemeber and March. Paper 1 and 2 (below) are sat at the end of the course. The NEA (below) is completed throughout Year 13.

Paper 1 - Technical Principles

  • 2.5 hours
  • 30% of A Level

Paper 2 - Designing and Making principles

  • 1.5 hours
  • 20% of A Level

Non Exam Assessment (NEA)

  • 1 Substantial design and make project
  • 50% of A Level

Support Materials

Any Specialist Equipment Required?

Maths calculator, drawing equipment

Clubs or Interventions

Students are invited to work on their own projects every night after school and during independent study.

Future Careers/Uni Courses

Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Creative Media, Carpentry and many others.

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