Anti Bullying Week

This week was anti bullying week. It was organised and led by a group of students passionate about raising awareness of bullying and making a change in the school. Many students, (mostly from year 7) made anti bullying badges that they now wear on their blazers as a reminder to people that we, as a community do not tolerate any kind of bullying.

All year groups had an assembly presented by 4 year 10 students on what we can do if we are being bullied and how to make a change and stand up for victims. Tutor groups created posters in form time that finished the sentence 'change starts with'. They discussed how we can practically and realistically have an impact on bullying and unkindness in our school. The posters have been stuck all around the school this week as a reminder of their discussions.

On Wednesday it was world kindness day. Each student in the school was assigned a random act of kindness (i.e let someone in front of you in the lunch queue, open a door for someone, tell a teacher what you appreciate about their lessons etc). 140 bags of sweets were handed out by a team of year 8's and 9's with kind comments stuck on them to remind people of the positive things we can say to each other and that kindness and selflessness makes everyone feel happier.


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