AS/A Level Computer Science

Exam Board


Course Entry Requirement

English, Maths and Computer Science GCSE grade B or above

Course Overview

AS Level: Paper 1 (50% Exam - 1 hr 15mins - 70 marks) - Computer Principles (Characteristics of contemporary processors; Software and software development; Programming, Exchanging data; Data types, structures and algorithms; Legal and ethical issues). Paper 2 (50% Exam - 1 hr 15mins - 70 marks) Algorithms and problem solving (The principles of computational thinking; Problem solving and programming; and Algorithms).

A2 Level: 80% Examination (Paper 1 - 2hr 30 mins - 140 marks; paper 2 - 2hr 30 mins - 140 marks), 20% Project - 70 marks. A2 builds on topics taught in AS with additional sub-topics such as Object Orientated Programming. The Project is an independent task that involves the creation of a coded solution to a give problem that student will need to find with a focused client.

Exam structure: Traditionally marked and structured question paper.

Mix of question types:

  • short?answer,
  • longer?answer
  • levels of response mark scheme? type questions


Assessment by way of using mini-tests every fortnight and end of term PPE in exam situations. PLC are updated and Smith Proforma used to identify areas of weakness.

Support Materials

Textbook: PG ONLINE - OCR AS and A Level Computer Science
Online websites:, and programming
Revision Guides: ZigZag Revision Guide available in school network

Any Specialist Equipment Required?

Laptop with Python installed

Key Dates

AS Paper 1 (H046/1) Computing principles 1 h 15 min Mon 4 June am
AS Paper 2 (H046/2) Algorithms and problem solving 1 h 15 min Fri 8 June am
A2 Paper 1 (H446/1) Computer systems 2 h 30 min Mon 11 June am
A2 Paper 2 (H446/2) Algorithms and programming 2 h 30 min Fri 15 June am

Clubs or Interventions

Every Thursdays after school in room 1

Future Careers/Uni Courses

University Course: Computer Science; Computer Games Programming; Computer Security; Information Systems; Information Technology; Software Engineering; and many more.

Careers: System administrator; Technical Product Manager; software Engineer; Data Analyst; IT Support engineer; Database Administrator; Games Designer.

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