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Grade 6 GCSE Mathematics

Course Overview

The Pure units are predominantly based on algebra but include some shape work and numerical methods. Pure 1 refreshes students with Higher GCSE algebra skills and develops them further. In Pure 2 we now take a look at using advanced functions in algebra and develop towards further trigonometry.

Statistics involves handling data. It develops work at GCSE, including averages, spread, correlation and probability.

Mechanics is concerned with the mathematical models used to describe real world physical systems.


For those doing single Mathematics, across the two years, students will have three exam papers: Pure Mathematics 1, Pure Mathematics 2 and Statistics and Mechanics.

Support Materials

We focus on developing students as independent learners; working on their ability to analyse and solve problems. They use these skills to evaluate and model solutions for situations in the real world. Throughout the course we give students the opportunity to explore the best use of their logic and create their own personalised approach when answering a question.

Any Specialist Equipment Required?

Casio FX991EX-Classwiz Calculator

Key Dates

All examinations take place in May/June

Clubs or Interventions

Saturday morning A Level Mastering Mathematical Skills sessions

Future Careers/Uni Courses

“Maths is the Gateway to reality and the imagination. The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. We are constantly discovering new approaches to problems and have the opportunity to test our use of logic.”

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