AS/A Level Music Technology

Exam Board


Course Entry Requirement

An interest in music. GCSE Music is not essential.

Course Overview

Students will learn to produce music in forms of technology-based compositions and microphone captured performances. They will produce two songs in the 1st year and two songs during the 2nd year.

In both years:

  • one song will be a technology-based composition between 2½ min (1st year) and 3 min (2nd year)
  • another song will be recorded with real instruments captured using microphones between 2-2½ min (1st year) and 3-3½ min (2nd year)

Coursework in both years will be submitted to the examiner by the 15 of May. Following, on the end of May/beginning of June, students will be tested with two written exams to check their listening/analysing and producing/analysing skills in both years:

  • listening/analysing - 1 hour 15 min exam (1st year) and 1 hour 30 min (2nd year)
  • Producing/analysing - 1 hour 45 min (1st year) and 2 hour 15 min (2nd year)


In a relaxed way, students’ knowledge is nurtured all along the two years course and each student is provided with a diary/program gradually progressing from beginner to professional level, constantly checked in class through Q&A and assessing their coursework. In addition, students are assessed on past paper based mock tests with which they practise their exam technique, each 2 - 3 weeks. A PLC is regularly updated for each student.

Support Materials

Students are supported on one-to-one basis, (whenever needed) and provided with visual and audio material from (provided by the teacher). Students interest is stimulated through the use of acclaimed music technology websites such as or award-winning professional magazines such as Sound On Sound, also available at the school library.

Appropriate revision material provided by the teacher supports the students with their exam practise, based on use and revision of past papers.

Any Specialist Equipment Required?

Mac computers, microphones, musical instruments and a recording studio provided by the school.

Key Dates

15th May coursework deadline

Clubs or Interventions

Whenever needed, intervention on one-to-one basis is provided in the school time or after school depending on students/teacher availability.

Future Careers/Uni Courses

After A level, students are encouraged to carry on with their study to develop a higher level of professionalism through university courses involving music technology, such as:

  • Sound for Media courses
  • Audio System courses
  • Audio implementation for computer graphic (audio for videogames)
  • Recording studio design and civil engineering, and also
  • Biomedical study for the development of techniques and equipment for the treatment of human hearing
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