Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

Here at Woolwich Polytechnic, we take our careers education seriously. It begins from the moment our students walk through our doors in Year 7 and continues all the way through to Year 13. Not only is careers taught during Personal Development, but we also have a whole host of opportunities to learn from employers and employees from a variety of industries and professions. In addition, we ensure all students have individual guidance tailored to their specific needs and receive information in a variety of ways, such as work related learning workshops, theatre performances, external business speakers, one to one interviews, transition support – all of which will inspire and inform students along their chosen career pathway.

Mr Cooke is the Poly’s Head of Careers and Work Related Learning. In addition to the above, each subject area will have other opportunities for students to experience the link between learning in the classroom and earning in the workplace.


InvestIN Partnership. 

We are delighted to announce that we are now a partner school with InvestIN.  This is an organisation which offers careers experiences for students aged 12-18.  The programmes available are a combination of company visits, seminars, career coaching and interactive simulations.  These are offered in a range of careers, such as: Architecture, Art, Computer Science, Dentistry, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Design, Filmmaking, International Development, Investment Banking, Journalism, Law, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Medicine, Music, Politics, Psychology, Publishing & Veterinary Science. 

We will keep you updated with the experiences on offer via Weduc. There is a charge for these experiences, however, when completing the application, please include the school discount code which entitles you to 10% off any programme.  Additionally, a bursary may be available to some applicants. 

Careers as Personal Development

Every year, pupils undertake an 8 weeks course on Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEAIG)

The 3 main focuses are;

  • Self Development

  • Career Exploration

  • Career Management

Year 7 & 8 Careers

Right from the start, the pupils in year 7 and 8 are asked to have high expectations and learn to set achievable targets. They are introduced to the 'Real Game' - an exercise that outlines the financial facts of life and the reality of running a home and family. They are introduced to styles of thinking, which enables them to make decisions and understand their own strengths and weaknesses. During Year 8, pupils opt for their GCSE subjects and information is passed onto pupils through workbooks, theatre group performances, special assemblies, workshops and during the Personal Development programme delivered weekly.

Year 9 Careers

Year 9 pupils will have a whole day of Induction into Key Stage 4. This is designed to begin to build independent learning skills and further develop skills for life. Students will have a workshop on the best ways to study and retain information in their long-term memory. 9 is the year students begin their career exploration through a computer programme called Kudos and Careers Coach (which focuses on local market information). In addition, students will focus on the different types of qualifications beyond key stage 4 and will learn about wages, tax and pensions.

Year 10 Careers

Year 10 begins with another full day of Induction focused on strategies for exam success and further developing the soft skills needed in the work place, such as teambuilding, communication and leadership skills, all of which plays a part in the preparations for the two weeks’ work experience placements students will complete in the spring term. We have had some amazing placements with some very prestigious companies, such as The London School of medicine and Dentistry, The Lord Mayor’s Office, Commerzbank, Network Rail South East and the Intercontinental Hotel at the 02.

Students will be selected to attend one of the largest careers fair in England, held at the ExCel Centre in London.

Year 11 Careers

Every pupil in year 11 has a personal one–to-one interview with an impartial, external careers advisor and will attend a Post 16 Progression Fair delivered by Greenwich Borough. At the end of Year 11, students will have produced a record of achievement, which will include a Curriculum Vitae, a personal statement, a Post 16 Action Plan and examples of work that will highlight their key skills. In addition, Year 11 students will be offered the opportunity to visit a university and attend university masterclasses. The Poly Sixth Form also opens their doors to Year 11 students at the end of the summer term for a whole week of A Level lessons and other 6th form experiences.


Extra Curricular

  1. Runway to Success: this is a fantastic chance for students in Year 7 and 8 to meet a range of employees from London City Airport. Enterprise workshops are delivered both in school and at the airport itself through The Airport Game and Let’s Fly. Students are given a tour behind the scenes and learn about the different jobs on offer.

  2. Theatre Groups are used to give students all-important information in a fun and engaging way. We specifically use them for Year 8 options, introducing Work Experience and interview skills.

  3. Lloyd’s Bank Signature Project: is a competitive “Dragon’s Den” style competition where students are given a challenge to produce a marketable product, such as a mental health app for teenagers. Teams are created with students from different year groups from Year 7 to Year 13 and, after vigorous preparations, each team delivers a presentation to managers and executives from Lloyds Bank and other relevant companies. This all takes place in the Head Office of Lloyds Bank in central London.

  4. Careers trips: A number of opportunities will arise throughout each academic year to participate in educational visits linked to careers and further or higher education. For example, some students have visited a construction site to look at the different stages of construction and the different types of jobs from civil engineering to site health and safety. Other students have attended Barclays Bank in Central London to attend a leadership skills and presentation skills workshop delivered by professional from the bank. The prestigious stage school, Rose Bruford worked with some students on how to work a theatre lighting rig, as well as how to design theatrical lighting effects. Some students were lucky enough to spend time with an artificial intelligence scientist from Imperial College.

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