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Arrangements for Appeals for 2021 Exams Only

Woolwich Polytechnic will:

To summarise:

Stage one – Centre Review

  • If a student feels their grade is wrong, they should first contact Mrs Woods – Exams Officer to check if there was a mistake in determining or submitting the grade. (jwoods@woolwichpoly.co.uk)
  • If there was a mistake, we can submit a revised grade to the exam board to consider.
  • We aim to respond to Stage 1 centre review within 72 hours.

Stage Two – Exam Board Review

If the school does not find a mistake or error but the student still believes that their grade is wrong, they can ask the school to submit a formal appeal to the exam board.  Students can appeal if they believe any of the following applies:

  • There was an error in the way the school followed or applied its procedure for determining their grade
  • The school did not make a reasonable judgement when deciding which evidence to use to determine their grade
  • The school did not make reasonable judgement about their grade based on the evidence gathered.
  • If an appeal is submitted to an exam board, schools will need to provide evidence in support of the appeal.

Deadline – appeals must be submitted to Mrs Woods by 23rd August 2021 for priority appeals (students applying to higher education who did not get their first choice).

Non Priority appeals deadline by 3rd September 2021

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