Enrichment at Woolwich Poly

Taking part in enrichment activities is an important part of school life. At Woolwich Poly, we offer a broad spectrum of extra-curricular activities that are designed to motivate and challenge students and explore interests beyond the curriculum.


Why take part in enrichment activities?

Improve progress in lessons

Many of our departments run sessions to strengthen understanding of the subject, as well as sessions for those who are passionate and want to take their knowledge beyond the course content.

Make friends

As well as supplementing their education, enrichment activities offer an excellent opportunity for your son to meet new friends with similar interests, outside of his usual circle.

Better time management

Many of our students find that adding more commitments to their schedules helps them to better manage their time.

Stand out!

Pursuing hobbies and interests outside of studies allows our students to flourish as individuals. This is important, not only for their sense of self, but to stand out to universities and employers. In today’s competitive world, more than just good grades are needed to be chosen for the best opportunities.


What’s on?

Sessions are held before and after school and at lunchtimes. The library is open every day until 4.30pm.

Please see below for the Enrichment Activities Timetable – as you will see there are a wide range of clubs, including sports, music, chess, and more! If your son is interested in a club that does not presently run, please let us know via the school office and we will try to accommodate his interest.

We also run a Homework Club, which operates after school in the library. Teachers are available to help and boys have access to text books and other reference material.

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