Facilities for Hire


We believe that our school should have a community focused approach to enable us to work in partnership with other organisations that address the needs of students, parents and local community groups. We want the School to be a resource for the whole community. We recognise that the letting of our facilities could generate resources for the school.


Our aim is to become the heart of the local community. We believe that there are many benefits in opening our doors out of school hours including:

  • Opportunities for adult education and family learning;
  • Greater parental involvement;
  • A healthier community;
  • A stronger network between the school and the local community.


The local Governing Board controls the use of the school premises, but the day-to-day management is the responsibility of the Head teachers.

The governors of Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys are keen to promote the community use of school buildings and facilities.

The Governing Board, with advice from the Head teacher, will:

  • balance the desire to generate income against the desire to support groups within the community;
  • take a positive approach to enhancing learning opportunities for the whole school community through promoting community use of the school;
  • ensure that use by external organisations does not degrade the standards of the facilities to the extent that they are no longer suitable for use by students;
  • consider the implications of all requests received for the health, safety and security of students and staff;
  • consider the implications for workload of all staff of any decisions it makes.

Daily control of school lettings is the responsibility of the Head Teachers, who are authorised to negotiate fees within the limits determined by the Governing Board.The Premises Manager is responsible for maintaining records for each organisation / individual hiring of the School premises.

See the School’s Letting Policy for more details. This can be found in the Policies section of the website.

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