“Setting the right amount of homework each week is the equivalent of our boys getting an additional lesson or two every week; it is the ideal way to create independent learners.” Tim Plumb
At Woolwich Poly, we try to make our students independent learners so that they are prepared for future study, prepared for problem-solving and prepared for the workplace.
Homework is an essential ingredient in making our boys independent: it provides a task on which they must use their skills, resourcefulness and their previous work to create new assignments, thus reinforcing skills and knowledge they have acquired in lesson, but this time without the immediate support of a teacher or friend, developing the resilience and perseverance that future educators and employers demand.
To manage students’ time, we provide a homework timetable so that there is an even and consistent spread of challenging tasks throughout the week.

Aims of homework

“A good, well-managed homework programme helps children and young people to develop the skills and attitudes they will need, for successful lifelong learning.” The Standards Site
The advantages of homework are that:
  • It speeds up progress;
  • It encourages independent learning and working to deadlines;
  • It can reinforce skills taught in lesson;
  • It can allow students to access materials that they would not normally have in the classroom.

Amount of Homework:

Minimum amounts are
  • KS3 Core: 2 homework tasks set a week – suggested timing: 30 minutes each
  • KS3 Foundation: 1 homework task set once every two lessons – suggested timing: 30 minutes
  • KS4: 2 homework tasks set each week – suggested timing: 40 minutes to one hour each
  • KS5: 2 homework tasks set each week – suggested timing: 1 to 1 ½ hours each

The Nature of Homework:

The following activities are considered meaningful:
  • Reading or written tasks
  • Revision, but using an active strategy
  • Designing, drawing, painting or making a model
  • Watching a TV programme and making summary notes or observing or recording information
  • Carrying out a project
  • ICT-based research
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