In Year Application Form

For students who are currently in year 6 who wish to apply to Woolwich Polytechnic School for the following September, can find guidance on how to apply here

Students who are currently in year 11 who wish to apply for a place at Woolwich Polytechnic School Sixth form will need to complete the Sixth From Application Form

Application Form

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1. Student's Details

Student's Family Name/Surname(s)*
Student's Given Name/ First Name(s)*
Student's Date of Birth*
Student's Home Address (Including postcode)*
Student's Current School Year*
Does the Student have a sibling(s) living at the same address attending any PolyMAT Academy*
If Yes, please provide name(s), school(s) and Date(s) of Birth(s) of Sibling(s) who already attend any PolyMAT Academy
Is the Student's parent/carer a member of staff at any PolyMAT academy?*
If Yes, please provide the name of the school and staff member name

2. Details of Current/Previous School

Full name of Student's current school full address (including postcode)*
Start Date*
Last date of attendance*
Reason for Leaving*
Previous School attended and full address (including postcode)*
Start Date *
Last Date of attendance
Reason for Leaving*
Primary School*
Start Date*
End Date*
Has the student had any previous exclusions?*
If Yes, please provide detail
Full name of Student's primary school*
Has the student previously been educated abroad*
If Yes, please provide the name and full address of the school (including country)
Start Date
End Date
Date Returned to the UK
Have you notified the students current school of your application

3. Parent or Carers details

Primary Contact

Student lives with*
Family Name/Surname(s)*
Given name/First name*
Parent/Carers home address (including postcode)*
Daytime Telephone Number*
Email Address*
Relationship to Student*

Secondary Contact

Family name/Surname*
Firstname/ Given name*
Relationship to Student*
Daytime contact number*
Email address*

Third Contact

Family name/ Surname*
Family name/Given Name*
Relationship to Student
Day Time Contact number*

4. Looked After Children

Is the student adopted*
Is your child looked after or previously looked after and now adopted or subject to a residence or special guardianship order, immediately following having been looked after?*
If Yes, please provide the date the student went into care
Borough of Care
Name of Social Worker
Social Worker Telephone Number
Social Worker Mobile Number
Social Worker Email Address
Does the student have a Private Guardianship (If yes Proof of Guardianship will be requested)*
Is the Student a young carer*

5. SEN, Medical or Social

Does the Student have a current EHCP?*
Does the student have any Special Educational Needs (SEN)?*
If Yes, please provide more information
Was he on the record of need in his previous school (primary or secondary)?*
Did your son need help to settle into school with*
Has he previously had a mentor*
Has the student previously recieved group support in school?*
Has the student had any assessment *
Do you feel that there is an acute exceptional medical or social reason why your child should be offered a particular school?*
Does the student have any medical concerns*
Please specify any medication the student needs while in school (e.g EpiPen) *
If yes, please give details of concern (e.g allergy to nuts)
Students Doctors Surgery

6. Ethnic/Cultural Background

Student's Ethnicity*
Is the Student identified as EAL (English as an Alternative Language)*
If Yes, how would you categorise their level
Student's country of Birth*
If outside of the UK please provide Date of arrival in UK
Students First Language*
Students who are given a place at Woolwich Polytechnic School will be invited in for an interview and test, would you require an interpreter?*
If Yes, please specify for what language

7. Additional Information

Has the Student been permanently excluded*
Is the student currently being educated at home*
Are any of the Students Guardians in the Armed Forces*
You have no Recourse to Public Funds*

Thank you for submitting your application to Woolwich Polytechnic School. You will be contacted within 10 working days with the status of your applcation and to request a copy of your child's latest school report. 

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