Inclusion and Diversity

Celebrating our diverse school community through our curriculum! 

Our Poly family is diverse.  Our local community is diverse.  We live in a multicultural city.  So, it makes sense that our curriculum content should embrace this.  

Our expert teachers have replanned the curriculum maps and redrafted the Schemes of Learning across all subject areas for the exciting launch for September 2020.  Our aim is that our curriculum reflects our community’s history, heritage, experiences and voice; and that through our lessons and extra-curricular opportunities, we promote a sense of belonging, acceptance and representation.   

So, from studying the Benin Empire; appreciating the works of artists such as Yinka Shonibare; studying texts by Malorie Blackman and Angie Thomas; or designing products to meet the needs of people with disability; we feel that our curriculum is for everyone.   It is a priority that at all students have opportunities to challenge discrimination, prejudice and phobias.  That we discuss and question, show empathy and respect.   

This is a work in progress.  But please view our initial video showing just a small proportion of some of the work done to our subject content. 

Forth coming actions 

  • Inclusive Curriculum Advisory Group 

  • Review of reading materials, for example audit of books to ensure a range of authors from BAME and LGBTQ+ authors

  • Updated calendar of celebratory events 

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