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The Guardian Education Centre is a hidden gem within the multicultural streets of the United Kingdom, catering to all types of divergent interests from the latest sports news to the latest celebrity scoop!

Polytechnic Year 9 students made their way towards The Guardian newspaper Education Centre, where a variety of entertaining activities awaited hungry minds. Accompanied by a select group of Poly staff, we crossed London by bus and tube to North London (Kings Cross) to be greeted by a lovely host, Mena, who was our teacher for the day. Before we began the work, we were given our assignment for the day: to pick two stories relevant to the day and create our own stories filled with our own opinion and interesting quotations. Our goal was to produce a front cover of a newspaper using that day’s news. As soon as we began, the energy in the room was electric: creative juices fluttered through the air; the music of discussion and creative differences filled each ear. Each pair worked on a desk top computer with a laptop to help with research in order to get the best possible information.

Getting a glimpse into the hard work that went to the newspaper motivated us to do our absolute best, pouring our hearts into each story, into each detail. By lunchtime, we had our first story written and so we were escorted by the staff canteen to eat our lunch. On the way, we saw journalists at work with some taking a break, just like us, to partake in a friendly game of football. There was a beautiful view from the large glass window of a beautiful lake with a row of ships waiting at the dock, accompanied by pedestrians going about their daily lives.

After lunch, we went back to our task, eager to complete our front covers. After sourcing and completing our second story, we were ready to go through our checklist, put our photos and names on them and then print. As a reward for our hard work, we were each given a copy of our front pages to take home with a copy given to the school so that they can use it for a display.

A big thank you to the teachers who came along with us and the Guardian staff who made this an amazing trip.

Nana (Year 9 Student)

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