KS3 Overview

All pupils currently work towards the new Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics specification, The subject content is roughly split into six sub topics: number; algebra; ratio; proportion and rates of change; geometry and measure; probability and statistics, which are all covered throughout each year in school. Progress in Mathematics is closely monitored by the Data Manger for Mathematics who provides strategies to encourage and promote further development within the subject.

From the outset pupils are set according to ability using Key Stage 2 levels from Primary School and CAT test results together with in-house initial testing. The class groupings are reviewed regularly through continuous assessment and formal testing. Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have seven one-hour Mathematics lessons in two weeks. This enables pupils to make the best possible start to Mathematics at School. The pupils follow the National Numeracy Framework which is supported by various exciting interactive computer programs as well as our own resources and an array of textbooks.

The department subscribes to a variety of online resources which can be accessed in school as well as at home.

MathsWatch: a collection of hundreds of online video clips and worksheets that are focused on the individual topics within Mathematics. The video clips work through examples with audio tips and the worksheets give pupils the chance to consolidate the learning of that individual topic. The website also includes revision lists and essential questions at varying levels to ensure that pupils can make the most out of their revision. Please follow this link to MathsWatch.

All pupils have an account with MathsWatch.

The username is the same as the Doddle logon with the extra "@tmcs" added on, i.e. jobrown32@wp80

Ask your class teacher for your MathsWatch password.


  • Unit 1 Analysing and displaying data and lesson 4.1 from Delta 3
  • Unit 2 Number skills
  • Unit 3 Equations, functions and formulae
  • Unit 4 Fractions
  • Unit 5 Angles and shapes
  • Unit 6 Decimals
  • Unit 7 Equations
  • Unit 8 Multiplicative reasoning
  • Unit 9 Perimeter, area and volume
  • Unit 10 Sequences and graphs


  • Unit 1 Factors and powers
  • Unit 2 Working with powers
  • Unit 3 2D shapes and 3D solids
  • Unit 4 Real-life graphs
  • Unit 5 Transformations
  • Unit 6 Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Unit 7 Constructions and loci
  • Unit 8 Probability
  • Unit 9 Scale drawings and measurements
  • Unit 10 Graphs

Further Information

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