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Year 10 Trip - University of Cambridge

On Friday 17th March 2023, we had the privilege of taking fourteen Year 10 Poly and Proud students to Cambridge University, Churchill College for The Physics Experience.

The trip consisted of a miniature tour around the college, where the students learnt more about the history of the college. The student attended a presentation about further education and studying at Cambridge University.

Students had the chance to see student halls and spoke to an Engineering Professor.

We explored the Physics Museum where were explored the multiple developments including those developed at Cambridge University. 

The afternoon was particularly exciting where the students were involved in a practical experiment on optics and set up their own magnifying glasses. Students also participated in a competition on Isaac Physics and to round off the day we looked at the physics of light. 

It was an enriching and inspiring experience that all students should be able to enjoy.

All students were given an Isaac Physics textbook to take home that will support them in preparation for their GCSEs. I am incredibly proud of the questions that were asked and answered by our students on the trip, they demonstrated immense maturity and interest in the activities.

Ms Odusote 

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