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Year 8 students rescue dog

On Tuesday 28th March, whilst playing football after school, six of our Year 8 students came across a small dog that was shivering and looked injured near the bus stop by Waterfield Close. These students went out of their way to help this dog that appeared to be lost. Our students contacted the number on the dog’s collar and were able to trace the owner and address registered to the dog.  The students put their heads together and came up with the brilliant idea of connecting all their school lanyards to create a leash for the dog and walked it back to our reception where they enlisted the help of our receptionist Mrs Hawgood. These students waited for quite some time to ensure the dog was safe. One of our current parents at the school recognised the address linked with the registered dog and walked with some of the students to reunite the dog with its owner.

‘The owner gave me a big hug. I had a big smile on my face’ – Tobi

‘My mum told me ‘Thanks for making me so proud’’ – Daniel

This is a wonderful example of how caring our students are and shows that the Trust's vision of Care and Unity is shared by all, staff and students alike.  The boys were incredibly resourceful to ensure that this dog was looked after and returned to its owner. A huge well done to Elnathan, Tobi, Albert, Mosopeoluwa, Osagioduwa and Daniel. 

Mrs Hawgood gathered these students together and gave them some chocolate to reward them for their outstanding behaviour and community spirit.

The CEO of the Trust, Mr Tim Plumb said, I could not be prouder of these students and the care that they have shown for our local community.


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