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Woolwich Poly United Match Report 3rd May 2023

Woolwich Poly United match report by Ahmad (Vice-Captain)

Woolwich Poly United played in the South London Special League for the fourth time on Wednesday 3rd May 2023.

In our first match, we won 3-0 with our top scorer, Emmanuel, scoring the first two goals to make it his 5th goal for WP United. He was also made man of the match. I scored my first goal to make it 3-0. Prince Michael played very well and assisted with goals. We are an exceptionally good team that showed good sportsmanship, perseverance, and teamwork.

Sadly, we lost 5-0 in our second match, but we didn’t give up as the opponent said that we played well, and we are a good team.

In our last match, we almost had a draw but unfortunately, we lost 1-0, but we tried our best as the opponent said that we played well and we are a good team.

We managed to make Mrs Murphy and the team proud as we had our second win with 7 points in third place. We managed to win our first trophy as the referee said we were very dedicated and never giving up.

Our next match will be on Thursday 25th May 2023.

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