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REMINDER - GSCE Results Day - Thursday 24th August 2023

This is a reminder that GCSE results day is this Thursday. Students will be able to collect their results at 9.30am from school in person.  Alternatively, if you or your son are not available, you will be able to contact the schools exams office if you haven't already done so, to arrange for the results to be emailed to you.  

It’s important for you and your son to be prepared and focused for results day and have conversations about all possible outcomes beforehand. Being aware of what the next steps are if he doesn't achieve the grades he needs is also crucial, as you will both most likely want to take immediate action on the day itself.

Hopefully your son will get the exam grades they need, but if they just miss out, be aware that the post 16 establishment might accept them anyway, so always check this first. If your son doesn’t get the grades they need, there’s no need for them to feel disheartened. There are many routes to success and be sure to remind them that it is possible to retake their exams.

If your son is unhappy with his results, they should talk to their subject teacher first as they’ll be able to give them an idea if they think they could achieve a better grade or if they should appeal. Re-sitting a GCSE is free if the exams they are taking are mandatory. This includes English and maths if students didn’t gain a passing grade (at least a 4). If the exam is not compulsory, then you will have to pay additional exam fees, but this will depend on the area and exam board.

If your son does not have a confirmed place for September, you can contact When emailing, they will need to say if they need careers guidance or if they have a good idea about what they want, they will then be offered the support required.  If you can include their name, contact number, email address, and a little bit about their requirements. 

Additional support and guidance can be accessed via the following links:

In addition to the support available in school today, there will be a  Careers Adviser available to offer Careers Information, Advice and Guidance at The Woolwich Centre (see address below.)  They will be based at the Service Centre in room 3, between 10am and 4pm. 

Information on enrolment for local colleges can be found in the PDF attached.

In addition, you can also request support and guidance via emai:

I look forward to seeing your son on Thursday. 

With best wishes 

Ms Sherren 

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