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Afternoon Tea at Woolwich Town Hall with the Mayor of Greenwich and Councillor Lekau

Afternoon Tea at Woolwich Town Hall with the Mayor of Greenwich and Councillor Lekau

In December, Councillor Lekau invited students at Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys to design Christmas cards to be printed. She then met with the students in person to award prizes and showcase the winning designs. After the christmas break, the councillor invited the participating students to visit Woolwich Town Hall.

On Thursday 25th January, we took seven students from Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys on a short bus ride to the town hall, which serves as the home of Royal Greenwich's local government. Constructed in 1906 and opened by Will Crooks MP, the magnificent listed building reflects a rich history.

Upon arrival, Councillor Lekau led the students on a brief tour of the building, including the council chamber where the Mayor of Greenwich conducts meetings. The students had the chance to sit in various seats in the room, including the Mayor’s seat and even speak into the microphones.

Next, the group visited the Mayor's office, where they met with Councillor Dr. Dominic Mbang. The students introduced themselves and asked the Mayor questions about his role, including how he became the Mayor, what he does in his position, and how heavy his chain that he wears is. The students also discussed their own career aspirations. The day concluded with some wonderful refreshments and the Mayor and Councillor Lekau presented each student with a badge, a pin, and a bag of goodies.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful and informative afternoon. We are incredibly proud of these students and how fantastically they represented our school on this trip.


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