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Academic and Pastoral Review Meetings

Academic and Pastoral Review Meetings 

At Woolwich Polytechnic School we value our home-school partnership. We welcome you, as parents/carers, into school to meet with tutors and subject teachers at several points throughout the year. 

We commence each academic year with a target setting meeting, where targets for the academic and personal progress are set for the forthcoming year, based on prior attainment and pastoral records. Our subject review meetings are designed to have time to discuss your child’s academic progress with the subject teachers. Our pastoral review meeting is a time to discuss attendance, punctuality, behaviours for learning and successes throughout the year.   

Our timetable for the meetings can be found below.

Bookings for meetings with your child’s tutor should be made using MCAS- Bromcom. Please take some time to view the link below to give you some pointers on how to book and attend parents’ meetings : 

How to book Parents Evening appointments using MCAS – Bromcom 

Making the most of the review meetings.  

During the Subject Review you will meet with your child’s different subject teachers.  This will be an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress in their subjects.  Questions you may want to ask:  

  • Is my child making the expected progress towards his End of Year/GCSE target grade?  
  • What can I expect my child to be doing at home to support his learning in this subject?  
  • What should I be seeing in my child’s book?  
  • What revision activities should my child be doing?  
  • Does my child complete all homework?  How can I support my child with this?  
  • How does my child engage in class?    
  • Does my child ask questions, contribute to class discussion?  
  • What does my child need to do to make further progress?  
  • How much work should my child being doing over and above his homework activities?  
  • Where can I find resources for my child to extend their learning?  
Parent/Carer Meetings Dates 2023-2024
Target Setting Day All Years Friday 8th September 8.30am - 3.00pm
Engagement Evening Year 13 only Thursday 14th September 4.30pm
Information Evening Year 7 only Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th November
Engagement Evening Year 11 only Tuesday 10th October 4.00pm
Academic Review Meeting Years 11 and 13 Monday 18th December 1.00pm - 5.30pm
Pastoral Review Meeting Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 Tuesday 19th December 11.00 - 3.30pm
PUSH Evening Year 13 only Tuesday 16th January 4.30pm
Academic Review Meeting Year 10 and 12 Wednesday 7th February 1.30pm
Academic Review Meeting Year 7, 8 and 9 Friday 9th February - all day
Academic Review Meeting Year 11 and 13 Wednesday 27th March - 1.00pm
Pastoral Review Day Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 Thursday 18th July - 8.30am - 3.00pm 

NB: Letters of invitation will be sent out two weeks prior.   

Online booking window will be made available for the Pastoral Meetings, two weeks before the meeting date.  Please ensure that you have signed up to MCAS. 

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