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Year 7 Admissions Process 

For primary school applicants wanting to apply for a place at Woolwich Polytechnic School, an applicant must apply through their home Local Authority, in accordance with the Co-ordinated Planned Admission scheme. The Local Authority coordinates the application process on behalf of Woolwich Polytechnic School according to the scheme which is published in their annual admissions booklet.  

In Year Admission

Applicants applying for a place at Woolwich Polytechnic School need to apply directly to the Academy. The process regarding children admitted via Fair Access Panel will be in line with Greenwich Local Authority’s published arrangements.

You can now apply directly to the school for a place in Woolwich Polytechnic School by completing our application form

For students who are currently in year 6 who wish to apply to Woolwich Polytechnic School for the following September, can find guidance on how to apply

Students who are currently in year 11 who wish to apply for a place at Woolwich Polytechnic School Sixth Form will need to complete the application form found on their website here

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