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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is printed in full in the contact diary and is on display in all classrooms. It shows our expectations of pupils and illustrates the attitude and approach needed for the Poly to be a hard-working, friendly and happy place. Pupils will be introduced to the Code of Conduct in September; there is also a copy with this information pack. We have the Rule of 3 in place - Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe. These three points underpin everything we do.

As a school, our expectations of students, staff and parents are set out in our Code of Conduct, which is listed below. Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys aims to provide the atmosphere and promote the attitudes, which will allow each pupil to develop their talents to the full.

All students will be:
  • Ready to work in the correct uniform, with correct equipment, planner and reading book.
  • Ready by completing all classwork and homework to a high standard.
  • Ready by attending school and lessons every day on time.
  • Respectful by showing respect for all teachers, staff and peers.
  • Respectful by taking responsibility for actions and accepting sanctions.
  • Respectful by working co-operatively with peers.
  • Safe by not becoming involved in fighting or bullying.
  • Safe by reporting problems promptly.
  • Safe by caring for their environment.
Staff responsibilities

All staff will be:

  • Encouraging the highest standards of behaviour.
  • Rewarding positive behaviour.
  • Making expectations clear.
  • Consistently approaching the management of student behaviour.
  • Calm and non-confrontational in their approach.
  • Monitoring uniform and equipment.
  • Actively monitoring attendance & punctuality.
  • Encouraging students to have enriching experiences out of school.
Parents responsibilities

All parents will be:

  • Encouraging their child to always behave appropriately.
  • Ensuring that their child attends punctually, dressed in uniform and with correct equipment.
  • Checking that their child’s homework is completed to a high standard every evening.
  • Using the contact diary / MCAS to communicate with staff were necessary.
  • Reading and responding to all letters and messages sent to them.
  • Attending all Academic Review Days and any parents’ evenings.
  • Actively supporting the behaviour policy including sanctions.
  • Establishing positive relationships with staff.

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