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MCAS (My Child At School)

Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys uses MCAS (My Child At School) as the method of payment for a wide range of services at the School including lunch and snacks.

It is important for a parent or guardian to keep their account topped up and up to date. Meals are not issued unless credit is available on a student’s account.

MCAS (My Child At School) offers you the freedom to make online payments whenever and wherever you like.  It is also an online portal that enables parents/carers to view their child’s performance, attendance and make online payments for trips and music sessions etc. at school.

You can log into MCAS by clicking here. 

New to MCAS?

  1. You should have received your redeem invitation code which details the username and login details - if you do not have these please contact email with the subject heading – ‘MCAS Username and Invitation Code’ and we will send you your details
  2. Login to
  3. Click on Redeem invitation code
  4. Enter the School ID, username and invitation code on your letter, these are case-sensitive. Click Redeem Code.
  5. The system will prompt to enter a new password.  Passwords need to be a minimum of eight characters long and must contain a Capital letter, a number and a special character (i.e. !, ?, £).

MCAS Parent User Guide please click here 

FAQs on MCAS please click here 

School dinner/MCAS

Could your child be eligible for further support from Free School Meals?

Apply for Free School Meals on RB Greenwich website.

How to pay for school meals

Does Wilson Jones want to put any information down to explain their offers and the cost?  Provide meals etc?

Please note that meals are not issued unless credit is available on a student’s account.


There are two ways to pay for school meals.

  1. We have cash loading machines in the school foyer area for students to top up their accounts with cash.
  2. Online payments can be made via MCAS, meaning your child will not have to bring cash in with them to school.

School dinner payments: MCAS instructions click here


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