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PE Extra-Curricular Mid-Year Update 22-23

As always, our Poly Boys have been representing and defining our department motto of ‘Smile, Sweat, Succeed’ across a range of sports over the past academic year.

As well as all this wonderful success we have weekly clubs including Table Tennis and fitness that (when the Sports Hall is available) are very well attended. We aim to run an Ultimate Frisbee tournament across the WPSfBs and WPSfGs as a combined harmonisation competition as the weather gets better through Spring/early Summer, and we have had a number of in house year group Form Football tournaments across all year groups giving so many of our eager youngsters that extra-curricular sport outlet they not only want and need, but really do succeed!

football mid-year UPDATE

Year 7

The year 7 team are doing brilliantly in their debut year here at the Poly. A narrow 2-1 defeat to Hurstmere in the Nationals is their only defeat of the season, which is very impressive. They are in the semi-finals of the Blackheath and Inner London, as well as the quarter-finals of the Outer London. At least one trophy looks to be coming our way! Myles has scored in every game and has 22 goals so far this season and co-captains Joel and Samuel really anchor the team and their years playing for Charlton Athletic together has really helped the team.

Year 8

The 'most improved team' surely must go to the year 8's who are undefeated all season and are going strong in all three competitions entered. A semi-final and 2 quarter-finals will surely bring home their first ever trophies this season, under the guidance of Mr. Stow.

Year 9

After 'doing the double' in winning both the London and Blackheath Cups last season, the year 9 team have suffered 1 defeat in the last 12 months, which is an extraordinary record in any sport. This year they are also in one semi-final and two quarter-finals, to hopefully add to their burgeoning trophy cabinet. Special mention to the return of star centre forward Michael with 7 goals in his last 2 games, along with the leadership of Aarif and Michaiah.

Year 10

The year 10 team have been defeated twice this season, but are through to the quarter-finals of the Outer London Cup, having defeated Oasis by 4-3, with a last second screamer! They have a great chance of securing their first silverware under Mr. McCabe's watch this season.

Year 11

Mr. Haslam has this time playing excellent football, with only one narrow defeat all season. They march on to the quarter-finals in two competitions under the excellent captaincy of Ilyas.

Post 16

Mr. Adebiyi has been training the senior team in to a well-oiled machine, with only one defeat all season. They play St. Dunstans in the Blackheath Cup final and are through to the quarter-finals in the Inner London Cup also.

basketball MID-YEAR UPDATE

Basketball has continued to run despite the Sports Hall increasingly being used for mock exams and school functions Year 7 are continuing to train at 7.30am - when the Gym is free from exams - and are shaping up to be a great team. The regular attendees are all outstanding. Year 8 team is potentially the best team we have had at the Poly in the last 5 years and maybe longer than that. They easily beat St Mary Magdalene and show great promise for next year’s London Youth Games as year 9’s.

Year 8

Ryan 8F2

Chidalu  8F2

Ahmed  8F2

Israel 8F2

Ishaq 8F2

Aleks 8F2

Leon 8A1

Ayobami  8F2

Zi Hoa 8D2

Sefa 8H2

Year 9

The year 9 basketball team were victors this year at the Greenwich Basketball Tournament, which entitles them to the title of GREENWICH CHAMPIONS. This meant that they qualified to represent Greenwich in the London Youth Games. Unfortunately, due to a Minibus being unavailable we could not get to the game in West London against the American School – where obviously we would have been victorious.

Gerrard 9E1 - MO (WPB

Teo 9E1 - MO (WPB

Haqib 9F2 - CA (WPB

Raphael 9D2 - ML (WPB)

James 9A1 - SW (WPB

Abdulai 9D2 - ML (WPB)

Ralfs 9F2 - CA (WPB)

Onos 9E1 - MO (WPB)

Kaiden 9D2 - ML (WPB)

Year 10

The Year 10 team have their first fixture next week at John Roan they did well in the London Youth Games last year and should continue to do so.

Oluwajomiloju 10B2 - PW (WPB)

Jaydden 10E1 - JW (WPB)

Oluwatimileyin  10F2 - GB (WPB)

David  10D2 - RC (WPB)

Abdulrahman 10C1 - ZS (WPB)

Jedidiah 10F2 - GB (WPB)

Benjamin 10G1 - AM (WPB)

Leo 10A1 - CB (WPB)

Olabiyi 10A1 - CB (WPB)

Israel 10AM 

Year 11

The Year 11 team are unbeaten in their 3 games against Plumstead Manor, John Roan and St Mary Magdalene. But more importantly they have been assisting with the Girls school by refereeing their matches and Tournaments and doing an excellent job. However, the last match they officiated saw the Woolwich Poly Girls winning 128 – 0.

Sixth Form

The 6th form team have had one outing this year and hope to have more. They beat St Mary Magdalene; the students having taken over the officiating of the game. The boys were gracious in their victory allowing the opposition to milk the result, so they didn’t lose too much face in their defeat.


Rugby has gone from strength to strength at the school, and we took the teams to watch London Irish beat Bristol Bears at the GTECH Stadium in January, in the premiership.

We have forged an alliance with Blackheath Rugby Club, with the coaches coming in every Tuesday. All are welcome for rugby training on the astro on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:30 p.m.

Under 13

The under 13 team which is a mixture of 7's and 8's, have done brilliantly this season.

We have played 2 tournaments and sit on top of the league, which is run from Old Colfeians Rugby Club.

Special mention to Jude in year 7 for organising the team, and we play in the Kent Cup 7's at the end of February, at Eltham College.

Under 15

Again, they have done so well this season, beating teams with far more rugby experience than us.

The team play in the Kent 7's tournament at Dartford Grammar in March.

Special mention to 'Latif's leadership' in year 9 as well as Chinimazie scoring 4 tries in one game!


Our Cross-country teams represented and battled hard at the Greenwich Championships In October. We had some very strong showing and a number of top 10 finishers across the different year groups with notable performance from Ivan of Year 7, Harry of Year 8 who will both be representing the District in the South England Finals in March.


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