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Student Leadership

Poly Prefects

The Poly is proud of our results and of our good reputation in the local community. Our prefects have the opportunity to share in the leadership of the school and it is a very prestigious responsibility.

A prefect is a role model and is expected to uphold school rules to a very high standard. Their behaviour, attitude to work and appearance must be exemplary and we expect our prefects to represent the school positively in the community. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are a requirement.

As prefects, they have a number of additional roles and responsibilities including supervising younger pupils at break and lunch time, guiding visitors around the school and helping out at school events, such as prize giving, Academic Review Day and evenings of music and drama. Reliability is a key requirement of a Poly prefect.

The role of a prefect is an important one and, if chosen, he will be accepting a position of considerable responsibility. Therefore, candidates must be able to demonstrate that they are

responsible, diligent, hardworking and ready to represent the school at any given time. The positions require forward-thinking, confident individuals who will be able to adapt to daily circumstances and be able to maintain the positive ethos of the school. Prefects act as a link between staff and students and so must be an excellent communicator and a person who is taken seriously and well respected.

The role of prefect is recognised beyond school and it is an excellent achievement to put on their CV and to mention when completing their UCAS applications. Being a successful prefect demonstrates both leadership and commitment.

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