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Timings of the School Day


Students are expected to arrive at school on time and should aim to be on the school site at least 5 minutes before the start of the school day. If your child is unavoidably late, they must sign in at reception as soon as they arrive. All students who are late to school will be expected to complete a 30 minute reset (detention) that same day. If your child has to leave the school premises at anytime during the school day, they should also sign out at reception.

Timings of the school day 

Monday/ Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday

AM REG 8.30am 8.55am
P1 8.55am 9.45am
P2 9.45am 10.35am
BREAK 10.35am 10.55am
P3 10.55am 11.45am
P4 11.45am 12.35pm
LUNCH 12.35pm 1.15pm
P5 1.15pm 2.05pm
P6 2.05pm 2.55pm
PM REG 2.55pm 3.05pm*

* Note the school day will end at 3:15pm in Week B with a 20-minute PM reg. This is to ensure that students from each of our schools are being released at different times in order to support a smooth exit from the school site and to avoid congestion on public transport. 

PD 8.30am 9.10am
P1 9.10am 10.00am
P2 10.00am 10.50am
BREAK 10.50am 11.10am
P3 11.10am 12.00pm
P4 12.00pm 12.50pm
LUNCH 12.50pm 1.30pm
P5 1.30pm 2.20pm

Students must arrive at school by 8.25am.  After that time the gate will close and students will be marked as late. 

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