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Year 10 Work Experience 2023

The WEX journey for year 10 began in September when they started planning and researching their placements with the use of their WEX guidebook which they completed in PD lessons.

Students focussed on identifying the industry of work suited to them via conducting career choice interviews online. They were then tasked with finding and approaching suitable employers to host them for the two-week duration. This was no easy feat given their age, the length of the placement, fixed dates and the increased working for home culture post COVID.

However, despite the challenges we managed to secure 268 offers for our 240 students!

Some students even completed two one-week placements in sought after industries. Prijanthan was hosted at two leading marketing agencies - ONQOR Ltd and Make it Clear! Candidates with marketing degrees find it hard to get their foot in the door with such companies, so well done Prijanthan!

We created as bespoke a Work experience opportunity as possible for each student by sourcing placements in a variety of industries as follows:

During their placement students were given a workbook to log their daily activity, look at their budgeting skills, and track their employability skills growth.

Upon return to school students wrote work experience self-reflection statements using the material from their log books that can be used as part of their Record of achievement portfolio alongside their official references from their employers.

Here are some highlights from our teacher visits:

Financial Times - Harry, Jaedon and Valerio.

Students created vision boards and business plans and undertook a Dragons Den style interview to sell their business plan! During their presentations one of the staff stated “You will give the Apprentice candidates a run for their money!”

R&Q Insurance Holdings Ltd - Sonice

Sonice worked at a reinsurance company R & Q insurance Holdings Ltd whereby he helped the Mergers and Acquisitions team solve a maths problem. The staff were impressed with his polite nature and intellectual ability and are open to welcoming more students in the future as a result!

James Glancy Designs - Suvir

Suvir Shamji worked at James Glancy Designs helping with the design of Christmas decorations for huge public displays the company will use for places such as Oxford Street Christmas display lights! Staff were impressed with his DT skills and extensive knowledge of tools!

Best Price Cash & Carry- Aaron

“Aaron is punctual, polite, hard-working and has a great work ethic. We now will take on more students for work experience placements as a result.”

T T Accountancy- Michael

 “Wonderful presentation, comes in early and works hard. Even came in earlier than the manager on the first day!”

Ash Green Residential and Nursing Homes - Olawale 

Olawale did us proud. The manager reported he is a fantastic young adult that is very respectful, and they would love to have him back!

Geepharm Chemist- Ahmed 

“Excellent work ethic. Brilliant student asking for more work. Very diligent.”

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