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Year 8

Head of Year 8 - Ms P McDonagh

Deputy Head of Year 8 - Ms C Adebolu

Key Information and Events

Our Year 8 ethos for this academic year is for our students to ‘Keep getting better’. We aim to continue to build on the success of Year 7, set new targets to aim for and give ourselves adequate time for self-reflection. This year will bring many new opportunities for our Year 8 students and I am confident that they will continue to grow and thrive at The Poly.

Key skills that we will be focussing on will be:









Students receive 2 pieces of homework once a week for their CORE subjects. This should take them approximately 20-30 minutes each to complete. For their other subjects, year 8 students receive one homework tasks set once every two lessons. This again should take approximately 20-30 minutes each to complete.

Students should be encouraged to read and use MyOn to read books for leisure in order to improve their literacy skills. In order to encourage them to read, there will be a competition within the tutor groups and with other tutor groups. The students who have read the most words will be rewarded as well as the tutor groups who has read the most.

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