KS4/Course Overview

Year 9

Introduction to Photography – Autumn term
Portrait project - Spring term
Built Environment Project – Summer term

Year 10

Linear Project – Autumn term
Natural Form Project – Spring term
GSCE Portfolio Project – Summer term onwards

Year 11

GCSE Portfolio work – Autumn term
GCSE Externally Set Task – Spring term onwards

Exam Board: OCR


Portfolio – 60% of final grade
Externally set task – 40% of final grade

Support Materials
Workbooks for each term/project

Any specialist equipment required?

Students MUST have their own SD cards and these can be left with their teacher.

Enrichment opportunities

The subject gives students opportunities to express themselves in their work.

Clubs or Interventions

KS4 Photography workshops held every week after school on a set day (tbc).

Future careers/uni courses

Creative arts; journalism; film-making; computer gaming.

Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC)

At KS4, students are working in a collaborative and cooperative setting and this is further enhanced by the creative and expressive aspects of any arts subject.

All students work within a framework which centres on students adhering to straightforward health and safety guidelines as well as broader moral boundaries which stem from students thriving in an environment predicated on mutual respect between all the parties involved.

Students are also introduced to the importance of intellectual property rights that they experience when looking at others’ work and the consequences of those rights being evaded. There is also the provision of basic outline information with regard to using cameras in public and private spaces.


Further Information

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