Physical Education

A successful Poly PE student is someone who has a positive attitude and always tries their best in all activities they encounter at their particular ability level. He is able to demonstrate clear knowledge and understanding of key concepts across a wide range of sporting activities and shows commitment, leadership, creativity and perseverance in lessons and extra-curricular activities. He understands how not just to explain, but lead, a healthy and active lifestyle making positive contributions to physical, mental and social well-being. His knowledge extends to deeper tactical thinking and sharp decision making and this is done confidently both as an individual performer but also working as part of a team. As a department, we ask our students to smile, sweat, succeed in all they do and the perfect PE performer will do this.


PE teaching team

Mr J Davies – Head of Department/governor
Mr P Walsh – 2 i/c
Mr S Kart
Mr F McCabe
Mr I Haslam – Head of Year 10
Mr K Cooke – Head of Careers and Work Related Learning (WRL)


Key stage 3


Our Key Stage 3 PE curriculum is designed to allow all pupils to naturally progress through a broad range of competitive and high-quality physical activities, whilst at the same time providing opportunities for success and personal development.

Pupils will have a chance to become confident and competent in the activities which they undertake, leading to one of our main department aims of stimulating pupil interest and enjoyment in PE, so that a fit and active healthy lifestyle may be achieved.

Students will study football, basketball, rugby, hockey, fitness, athletics, cricket, softball, tennis, table-tennis, badminton, handball, hockey, alternative sports and swimming throughout KS3.


Support materials and useful links

The PE department here at the Poly encourage every student to attend at least one extra-curricular club, either before school, during lunch or after school per week.  Check the department noticeboard for the latest opportunities.


Key stage 4


All Key Stage 4 students have core PE lessons.  They may also choose Sport Studies as an additional option subject.

Cambridge National Sports Studies Level 1 and 2

Sport Studies takes a sector-based focus on physical education, whilst also encompassing some core sport/physical educational themes.  Students will have the opportunity to look at different elements within sports and will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a variety of different sports. They will also look at the contemporary issues within sport such as funding, participation, ethics, role models and sport and the media. Students will develop an appreciation of the importance of sport and learn about the different ways of being involved in the sports industry.




Over the three years students will complete 4 units (1 exam and three coursework):

  • R051: Contemporary Issues in Sport - Written paper 60 minutes - 60 marks.
  • R052: Developing Sports Skills (Coursework)
  •  (Coursework)
  • R055: Working in the Sports Industry (Coursework)
  • R056: Developing Knowledge and Skills in Outdoor Activities (Subject to change)


Support materials and useful links

All students must have a full PE kit to show commitment to the course and participation in every session is compulsory. Students will also be expected to contribute towards extra-curricular teams and clubs and give back to the PE department.

More information on the course can be found at


Department Info


Any specialist equipment required?

Full PE kit is required and available to purchase direct from our school suppliers.


Enrichment opportunities

Students will visit local sporting arenas as well as take part in outdoor adventurous activities such as kayaking, cycling and climbing.  The school also runs an annual ski trip in the spring term.


Clubs or Interventions

There is a full PE extra-curricular timetable and a weekly support class for Sports Studies coursework.


Future careers/uni courses.

Personal trainer; sports coach; sports development officer; physiotherapist; sports psychologist and many more!


Social, Moral, Social, Cultural (SMSC) and British Values

Specific examples of SMSC in PE here at Woolwich Poly:

  • Pupils learn to cope with both success and defeat with dignity.
  • Pupils discuss learning objectives and reflect upon issues as well as listening to others opinions.
  • We teach strategies and tactics to pupils.
  • We discuss the role of coaches, leaders and officials are used to develop pupils’ sense of right and wrong.
  • Pupils witness positive behaviour in PE and are allowed the opportunity to reflect upon the need for fair play and the rules.
  • Pupils become aware of different cultural attitudes towards aspects of physical activity.
  • Pupils discover the role of sport and physical activity in society including learning games and dances from different traditions.
  • Pupils learn to cope with their emotions in socially acceptable way during competitive situations.


Further Information

If you would like to find out more about the PE curriculum, please contact Mr Davies at:

Tel: 020 8310 7000 Email:
Registered Office: Hutchins Road, London, SE28 8AT
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