Primary-Secondary Transition

The transition process begins from the moment your son gets a place at Woolwich Poly.

Our Head of Transition, Ms. Franklin, will visit the primary schools of all pupils and meet them, giving them an opportunity to have a ‘known person’ and to ask questions about secondary school early in the process. Ms. Franklin speaks with all the pupils in that school as a group and provides key information about things that they can begin to plan for secondary school. Meetings are held with their class teachers and other members of primary staff where required to gain detailed information about them from their primary school. That detailed information is collated and used to provide additional support and interventions for students to ensure that he is placed in the correct teaching set very early in Year 7 and that the tutor group he is placed in has balanced abilities and needs. All information is recorded and given to teachers so that they have the key information required to work with new students.

During the summer term, we hold an ‘Interview Afternoon’ in which we meet with parents/carers and students. The interview is held by a member of staff and this gives us an opportunity to gain more important information: parents and students have the chance to ask questions and have an introduction to the school building.

We hold two induction days in July for the year 6 students. They will follow a timetable, meet members of their tutor group and get to know some of the teaching staff. We find this is a successful process and helps to alleviate some of those worries about starting a new school! We also hold a parents’ induction evening. A presentation is given by the form tutor, where they explain about uniform, diaries, homework, and give parents the opportunity to ask questions. We hold additional sessions for vulnerable groups to ease their transition experience

In September, we hold a further induction day for pupils. This day is an opportunity to have a tour of the school and to obtain information about basic routines. In addition, we hold parents’ evenings at the end of September to let you know how your son has settled and to give guidance on the curriculum and general issues.

Tutor group team building days are held in the autumn term whereby two tutor groups per day are engaged in outdoor activities: this give the groups an opportunity to work on their team building skills and encouraging group cohesion.

Throughout the year, Ms. Franklin works alongside with the Year 7 pastoral team to ensure there is continuity of care and to provide support, getting to know each pupil in the year group so that he can be guided and supported throughout the year.

Primary - Secondary Transition Tasks 2020

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