Business Competition

First of all I would like to thank Ms Gurney for telling me about this competition. If it wasn’t for you I would never have won a £500 investment.

The day started off with me going to the venue near St Pauls Station at 9am. The pitching was split into 2 groups ( group 1 and group 2) and I was in group 2. Whilst group 1 was pitching group 2 had mini workshops with business specialist and an author who wrote a book about time and money management and how to run a business successfully etc. After group 1 pitching was over, we had a small break where we were treated to food and drinks. I was the 3rd to pitch in group 2. Overall, I was extremely happy with my pitch as everything went to plan. Straight after my pitch, I was taken to a room to do an interview about my business and how my pitch went which was unplanned so I was quite nervous. At the end of all the pitches, there was a 30-minute break to decide winners. Originally there were only meant to be 3 winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) however, they decided to put in more money and gave £500 to me and 3 others. To be honest, I went there expecting to win no money since it was my first time doing such thing whereas the others were experienced people who r aged around 17/18 (I was the youngest there) but I am grateful to win £500 which I’ll be using to buy machinery to expand the business and release new products. Products such as: clothing (tops, hoodies , shorts and tracksuits), accessories and shoe customising products for other shoe customising businesses.

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