TUMP 53 During Lockdown

During lockdown The Bridge has continued to take the Year 8 students to our outdoor intervention at Tump 53.  This is a local site which is run by Peabody as a nature reserve. Lockdown has been extremely tough for many of our students so enabling them to be able to be outside safely during this time has had added benefits to their mental health and well-being.

We have observed students as they have increased self-belief and self-esteem has risen. Students have relaxed and enjoyed their time together, making new friendships whilst learning new skills. 

During our pond dipping sessions pupils discovered a new range of micro bugs, they were amazed at how tiny these creatures were. Students worked in teams to collect the creatures and then find out what they were called or what they would grow into. They were also fascinated by the creatures we found in the woods on our bug hunt, including centipedes, spiders, worms, and newts.




The group also learnt to make fires and shelters, the fires were made using flint and steel tools which some found tricky.  Students started off with small fires each and eventually came together to make a large fire, where they enjoyed cooking marshmallows and pizza pockets.  Students also created shelters, given a task of keeping dry in the rain, they were provided with a large piece of tarpaulin and some ropes.  From this they had to pick an appropriate area to build their shelter and put it up in teams of 4, students learnt to listen to each other’s ideas and work together to erect their shelters.  We then tested it out, each group stood underneath while we poured water on them! I am glad to say every student stayed dry!




Learning circus skills was an activity all pupils enjoyed, from spinning plates, juggling to learning how to use flip sticks and diablos.  Students discovered that they had to persevere in order to master these new skills and were jubilant when their plate finally spun, or they caught their 3rd juggling ball!

Every week students also enjoyed learning new games, these games all strengthened their ability to be a team.  The students really enjoy this part of Tump as they are free to use creative solutions to the many difficult puzzles and tasks that are used as part of the games.