Private Peaceful

On Wednesday 31st October 2018, we went to the Orchard Theatre in Dartford to see the play “Private Peaceful” by Micheal Morpurgo.

We travelled to Dartford by public bus and train from Abbey Wood.

When we arrived at the Theatre, we had to wait for Miss to get the tickets and for someone to put us in our seats.

It was a one man show and the man worked very hard. On the stage, there was only two props - a bed and some army clothes. The man described to us all the settings he was in; for example, if he was in the field he would tell us the birds “where tweeting high up in the tree” and he would be looking straight at us and then at the place where the sound was coming from. In addition, when he was in the trenches with the rats and lice, his description was so good that you also wanted to jump out of the way or scratch your head to get rid of them. He also moved his arms around and projected his voice excellently so that we could here in him the back of the theatre.

I thought that in the beginning that it wasn’t going to be very good because I was a bit shocked to find out it was only one man but, as the play progressed, I thought it was hard to learn all those lines so he did an excellent job! My fellow classmates thought it was excellent as well .

Kai (Year 7 Student)

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