Science Week at the Poly

Science Week is held annually over ten days to celebrate science, technology, engineering and maths.

Here at the Poly, the staff look forward to this week as it enables us to share with the students aspects of science that are not necessarily covered in the curriculum. It is a week of fun activities and demonstrations.

The theme of this year’s Science Week was journeys. All Year 7 classes spent the week exploring Mars and the difficulties we humans face in planning manned missions to the red planet.

Our Year 8s investigated terrestrial journeys and designed, built and raced balloon-powered cars, focusing their design specifications on travelling the fastest or furthest. The winning cars from each class then entered the first Poly Grand Prix to find the ultimate champion.

As well as these timetabled lessons the science department also ran lunch time demonstrations and activities that the students could take part in. These included: the journey into a rat where we dissected a rat and had a good look at all the organs; the journey of ink through paper by making chromatography trolls; and the journey of food through the body.

The students did the Poly proud with their commitment and enthusiasm and we look forward to more fun in 2020.

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