Social Enterprise

“One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”


Dragons Den Pitch:

Woolwich Polytechnic hosted a Dragons Den on 3rd December 2019 on behalf of The Social Enterprise Academy.

Student Council members pitched their Social Enterprise idea to three Dragons in a bid for some funding to start off our project. Other schools throughout Greenwich also attended the event. It was a wonderful occasion with some fantastic ideas from young business entrepreneurs.

Our Idea:

Student Council decided to introduce ‘The Escape Room’ for year 11 wellbeing. This is a room where Year 11’s struggling with emotions during this important year can ‘escape to’. The room will be welcoming, calm and full of positivity and encouragement to send them back to resume their learning.

The enterprise will be led by student council members who represent the whole school community. Our enterprise fits in with our school’s daily structure and we aim to ensure all students are aware of how they feel and to feel positive about their own wellbeing.

The enterprise will help our students develop leadership skills, organise and work to deadlines, negotiating and discussing ideas as well as working independently and as a team.

Our Product:

To set up the room, Student Council need to raise funds to support the idea. Funds are needed to buy items to create a room Year 11’s would like to visit and healthy lunches to support wellbeing.

Selling popcorn during Autumn/Winter months and the snow cones during Spring/Summer will raise the funds needed for this venture.

Both items are cheap to buy and easy to make. Sales will take place during breaktimes on Wednesdays and Fridays and will be led by Student Council members.

Social, Environmental and Economic impacts:

Improve wellbeing for year 11 students by creating a chilled and relaxed environment. This will hopefully help them to get through a busy exam year and improve their mental health in turn improving their interaction socially.

We are using paper bags for our popcorn and waxed paper cones for the snow cones. The straws used for the cones are made from bamboo. All products used are recyclable and have no impact on the environment.

The ‘Escape room’ will be funded by sales from fully recyclable products. All items purchased will be sourced from local businesses and at affordable prices.

We believe we are able to create a sustainable business enterprise for a great social cause.

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