Sports Day

Sports Day 2021 was a breath of fresh air. We have really missed our extensive extra-curricular program and fixture schedule over the past 18 months so to have our KS3 Athletics Sports Day as well as the Year 10 Sporting activities on Friday 9th July was wonderful for all.

To see the enjoyment on the faces of our pupils and the effort put in by all was so positive and has us so excited to getting back in September and hopefully pushing forward in many more competitions and festivals.

Well done everybody!

DSC_01471.JPG DSC_01274.JPG DSC_01811.JPG DSC_01624.JPG DSC_01431.JPG DSC_02211.JPG DSC_01041.JPG DSC_01631.JPG DSC_02064.JPG DSC_01281.JPG DSC_00724.JPG DSC_02222.JPG DSC_00771.JPG DSC_00641.JPG DSC_00861.JPG DSC_01791.JPG DSC_00764.JPG DSC_00482.JPG DSC_00584.JPG DSC_01444.JPG DSC_01661.JPG DSC_01184.JPG DSC_00891.JPG DSC_01871.JPG DSC_00971.JPG

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