The School Day

Students are given a two-week timetable and will have an early finish Wednesday of Week A. 


School Day 2021-22

  Monday - Friday 
8.30am Am Registration
8.50am Session 1 or Session 1A
9.40am     Session 1 or Session 1B
10.30am BREAK
11am Session 2 or Session 2A
11.50am Session 2 or Session 2B
12.40pm LUNCH
1.10pm Session 3 or Session 3A
2pm Session 3 or Session 3B
2.50pm PM Registration


  Wednesday Week A
8.30am  Registration
9.10am     Session 1 or Session 1A
9.55am BREAK
10.15am Session 1 or Session 1B Session 2 or Session 2A
11.45am LUNCH
12.15pm     Session 2 or Session 2A
1pm Dismissal

Week A's are week beginning:

13th September

27th September

11th October

1st November

15th November

29th November 

13th December

10th January

24th January

7th February

28th February

14th March

28th March 

25th April

9th May

23rd May

13th June

27th June

11th July





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