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I awoke at 6:00am already excited for the day. I rushed through my regular morning routine and chose to wear a white shirt, black jeans and some dress shoes. I then went to school. Luckily my 472 bus ran on time, so I got into school in a short time and made my way to where I work in the canteen. At 8:00am when my shift ended. I went to the bottom of the stair and waited with some other people from my year group sharing jokes with my head of year about me “looking like Elvis Presley.” Two others on the trip to Cambridge eventually came and together we went to the meeting point. As I was on my way, I realised my 1st problem of the day: I let my prepared questions at home. What a disaster! Without my questions I was never going to be able to remember what to ask people. However, with as much luck as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, my mum was at home and able to send a picture of them over to me. With the hindrance of the question problem resolved, we made our way to the meeting point and loaded the access project number into our phone. At 8:30 am we made our way to the coach

On the coach, people had conversations, people watched music, people watched NETFLIX on their phones. I, however, was partaking in one of the most important things of my life, chess. Completing levels 1-12 the 2-hour trip was well spent at 10:30 we arrived at Cambridge town. We got off the coach and began a long walk to St Catherine’s and took an awkward picture where, full disclosure, I attempted to hide from the camera. Afterwards entered and were greeted with juice and biscuits and then sat together and waited for some of the other schools to arrive.

When the other school had arrived, 2 people Amy from the access project and Catherine from Cambridge did presentations about Oxbridge life and university life in general. After that was the best part of any trip day: Lunch! For lunch we went over to Pembroke and had Sandwiches (I had tuna and cucumber, hummus and roasted vegetables and ham and tomato), crisps and fruit. It was surprisingly tasty for a basic meal. Afterwards we were taken by 3 ambassadors to the Pembroke college Nihon room for a Q and A where I managed to get some information about bursaries and societies. We then went on a Tour with one of the ambassadors named Margarita. She was helpful, fun and knowledgeable. After the tour we went to two taster lectures, one was science and one was literature and afterwards we made our way home.

On the way home I socialised a little more and pledged with one of the other students to go to Cambridge and join or set up at least one society.

In conclusion, before I went to Cambridge I was certain I wanted to study there, but now I am definitely more inspired to go there and push in order to do so.


Callum Yr 10

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