Upcoming PPE's for Yr 11

All students in Year 11 will be taking part in Pre-Public Exams (Mocks) from Thursday, 7th November to Thursday, 21st November.
During this time, they will sit exams for all of their subjects. The purpose of this is to experience exam conditions, practise timing, and test knowledge and exam skills.

After the exams, teachers will be able to feedback on students’ strengths and weaknesses and ensure that appropriate interventions are put in place. He has received an exam timetable for the week stating which exam he has on the specific day and period.
It is important that your son prepares well for these exams and it is expected that he revises at home. If you wish to purchase revision guides, please log on to Wisepay and find the appropriate revision material.

In addition, attendance is vital during exam season therefore your son is expected to attend each day to school by 8am latest. Exams will take place in the sports hall replicating the same system as the public exams in summer.

Exam conditions are:
• Silence in the examination hall
• No revision materials
• No mobile phones, smartwatches or any electrical devices
• No turning round or getting out of seat
• No talking to any other student

Please discuss these with your son because failure to comply with these conditions for public exams can result in cancellation of the GCSE.

Please be aware that phones are not allowed to the Sports Hall; it is highly recommendable to leave them at home as the school will not take any responsibility for lost or stolen phones.

Equipment required:
• Clear pencil case
• Black pens (at least two)
• Pencil, ruler, rubber
• Calculator
• Bottle of water

It is advisable that your son adapts healthy habits during the examination time. Eating healthy (5 a day), sleeping well at night and drinking plenty of water will boost his cognitive performance during exam season.



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