Welcome from Head Boy and Head Girl

Welcome from the Head Girl

Welcome to the Poly Sixth Form! It was about a year ago that I was contemplating where I should go for sixth form. Now, in my second year at the Poly, I can wholeheartedly say that I made the right decision. Not only have I advanced in my abilities academically, but I have also grown on a personal level.

There are various opportunities to engage in from the beginning of term such as university trips and enrichment activities, right through to the end of the summer term where you will take part in ‘Beyond the Poly Week’ and your chosen work experience placement. All of these experiences will help to equip you with the qualities needed to fulfil our motto: ‘Tomorrows Leaders’.

Our sixth form leadership team, staff and students, all provide pastoral support, which I have personally benefitted from throughout my time at the Poly. There is a strong sense of unity and cohesiveness felt within the Poly, which adds to the feeling of belonging within the learning environment.

To bring balance to the academic aspect of Poly life, there are some wonderful extra-curricular activities to be enjoyed such as theatre trips and VIP concert experiences.

On behalf of Woolwich Poly Sixth Form, we welcome each and every one of you. I truly believe that the Poly can be the start of new beginnings for you as it has been for me.

Year 13 Head Girl

Welcome from the Head Boy

After deciding to continue my educational journey at Woolwich Polytechnic, I have not once regretted it. The professionalism and work ethic of our Sixth Form combine with a family-like atmosphere to create a comfortable workplace for students. In our Sixth Form, we adopt a great sense of pride in the way we learn and succeed, and as Head Boy, I feel extremely honoured to represent such proud students.

Year 12 begins with a three-day induction which allows us to create the family-like atmosphere that is the main foundation of our Sixth Form. This, then, allows the equally important work ethic and professionalism to be built on over the first few months. As you can probably tell, Woolwich Polytechnic is experienced and organised in the way that it encourages students to succeed and become “Tomorrow’s Leaders”.

With a large population within our Sixth Form, we need to make it a priority that most, if not all, of those voices are heard. We do this by electing our Student Leadership Team in Year 13 to ensure the voices of our Sixth Form are heard.

If you want to flourish in a successful environment, which is constantly improving with the students’ help, then come and join us!

Year 13 Head Boy

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