Welcome from Head Boy and Head Girl

Welcome from the Head Girl

Success, determination and a welcoming atmosphere are the first things that come into mind when I think of the Poly. A little over a year ago, I was in deep consideration as to where I should complete my A Level journey. The taster week in the summer was certainly a key factor in my decision: it allowed me to experience the way the sixth form operates and how my lessons will run. Now, I can proudly and confidently declare that the Poly was definitely the right decision.

Every day at school, I enter an environment filled with our motivated and passionate students, supportive and encouraging teachers and rightfully fitting challenging situations that certainly help to prepare us for later life. The Poly ensures we are always provided with the right opportunities and information to help aid us in our decisions regarding the future, for example, multiple university trips and various student conferences.

Not only are we always pushed to be the best we can be academically, but we are also encouraged to be great members of society, with various chances that enable us to give back or help the community. As well as this, there are always multiple extra-curricular activities going on that help provide a balance to our studies. All of this combined allows us to encapsulate the school’s motto of ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’.

Year 12 has been a great and memorable year that taught me so much and I am looking forward to what Year 13 will hold.

In essence, I firmly believe the Poly will open new doors, allow you to meet people in pursuit of success and provide you with all the right factors that will effortlessly guide you in future aspirations.

Year 13 Head Girl


Welcome from the Head Boy


I have been part of the Poly for 6 years now and I can honestly say that it has been an amazing experience. The main reason the Poly was my first choice for sixth form was for the supportive environment it provides that I did not see at other sixth forms. I can, unsurprisingly, say I do not regret decision, as it is a big jump from GCSEs to A-Levels but we have a great transition period which made the jump extremely comfortable.

I can guarantee that there will be days of stress which ultimately come with A-levels, but we have an incomparable Sixth Form team supporting you throughout the year for any struggles and problems you have. I can not express enough that you will be pushed to be the best you can possibly be, whether it be with teachers in lessons or within our community and peers; this is all to try and achieve our Sixth Form vision and hope for us to become ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’.

Obviously, we at the Poly do not believe in constant work, so we provide trips throughout the year including Thorpe Park, the theatre, clay pigeon shooting etc. to give you some down time. We also arrange opportunities to visit top universities and be part of societies tailored to your future aspirations at university to give you the best chance of reaching your goals after the Poly.

This past year has truly been unforgettable and successful in so many aspects and I do not think I would have done any better anywhere else. I have no doubts that everyone that comes to the Poly will have an enjoyable time and come out with incredible grades at the end.


Year 13 Head Boy
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