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Being in the Woolwich Polytechnic School since Year 7, I understand the undying devotion the staff have for the students. In our sixth form, you are given amazing opportunities outside of the classroom. We work with the Access Project that aims to get students to the top universities through expert tuition and workshops; Career Ready gives young people the opportunity to explore the working world; and Mark Evison Foundation provides students with personal development that is fostered through the undertaking of challenges. These are just a few of the resources at your disposal. No matter the career or educational path you would like to embark on after sixth form, the Poly will be there to support you every step of the way.

Abdul Azeem O 






Out of the many sixth forms throughout the borough, Woolwich Poly is exceptional. With many graduates getting into top universities or highly competitive apprenticeships, Woolwich Poly has plenty to offer. In addition to a brilliant quality of teaching, this sixth form has many opportunities and affiliate links to ensure you get the most out of post-16 education, be it A-level or vocational courses. Academic skills are not the only skills you will gain at Woolwich Poly: you will have the chance to participate in some excellent team-building activities, practice interviews and fundraising for the school and local community. You will benefit from the various means of support provided by teachers and staff. We are proud to be a part of a fantastic sixth form and we invite you to join the next generation of tomorrow’s leaders. 

Buvan S



Moving from my old school to the Poly as the only person from my secondary school seemed like a daunting experience. I had no idea if I would enjoy my classes or make any friends; however upon my arrival I found that I was welcomed with open arms into an environment that provided me with nothing but support and care in both my educational life and otherwise. Despite COVID making the past two years challenging for everybody, our amazing sixth form team did everything possible to make us feel comfortable in a new environment, managing to organise trips, events and other exciting activities for us to attend and as a result, making our first year of sixth form an unforgettable one.  

Myla I 




The transition from secondary school to sixth form is a large one, and one that can create a great deal of uncertainty for those starting in Year 12. This was especially true after missing significant portions of schooling due to lockdowns. However, the Poly provides a huge amount of support and materials to ease you into the new experiences and challenges of the school year. As career prospects and preparing for the UCAS process become an important matter to consider, the teachers at the Poly provide a great deal of care and attention to each student to help them aim high and reach their decision through allocating form tutors to aid with their personal statements, workshops, assemblies and student programs. As someone who struggled heavily to decide where my passions and skills lie, the teachers at the Poly were always willing to let me talk with them and give me ideas or work experience opportunities to discover what I’ll do after Year 13. As COVID regulations ease, I’m sure you, the incoming Year 12s will have an even broader set of opportunities ahead.

Laura B 



Student Leadership Team

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