Winter Fair '19

This year’s Woolwich Poly Winter Fair was on Saturday the 30th November. It was a great day full of bustling stalls and delicious food onsite throughout the day.

This is the third successful school fair organised by the teachers and parents association (PTA) of Woolwich Poly, consisting of a group of dedicated teacher and parents who worked very hard in a short time to make this event happen!

Many thanks especially to the dedicated PTA team: Geraldine, Rebecca J, Debbie, Rebekah and parents Pia and Rufia who worked so hard to organise stalls and make the day so enjoyable!

Events like this prove that working together with school and parents is very productive and beneficial for students and the school community.

We are looking forward to many more events to come throughout the year!

If you are interested in join the PTA please contact Ms. Franklin

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