Year 10

Head of Year: Mr I Haslam

Deputy Head of Year: Miss P McDonagh



Tutor Groups and Tutors 2019/20

10NG- Ms N Gayle and Mr M Cohen
10RH- Mr R Harnais and Ms H Manley
10SD- Ms S Dodhia and Ms A Mohiuddin
10IW- Ms I Wilgocka and Ms S Danesh
10FM- Mr F McCabe
10SK- Mr S Kart and Ms R Perhar
10BS- Mr B Smith and Mr A Medrano
10MC- Ms M Chambers


Key Information and Events

Year 10 will be embarking on their work experience placements this year. This is both an exciting and influential time in their lives. Ensuring that they find a good work experience placement is key: this provides a great stepping stone to future work placements and will supply their first reference.

By now, parent permission slips should have been returned and students should be working on securing their own work experience placement.

Mr Cooke - the work experience expert - is available on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday to support students in locating and securing a placement if they are having difficulties finding their own.

Students will need to return their ‘blue form’ with the details of the work experience placement and contacts with a relevant insurance certificate by December.

Work experience will take place between the 9th and 20th of March 2020.


For Year 10 students to achieve success, they must make sure that they are completing both classwork and homework in and outside of lessons.

Year 10 students should be expecting to complete at least 2 hours of homework and private revision for each subject each week. Additionally, year 10 students should have created their own revision timetable to secure maximum success and achieve their full potential.

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