Year 10

Head of Year: Miss T Oyeniyi

Deputy Head of Year: Miss S Cherry



Tutor Groups and Tutors 2020/21

10IY- Ms I Young and Ms R Britton
10II - Mr I Iqbal
10JD- Mr J Davies and Ms Tracy Gibbs
10WI- Mr W Inglis and Ms S Zagol
10JW- Mr J Warner and Ms M Amugi
10JB- Ms J Baggely and Ms S Laurell
10MB- Mr M Barnshaw and Ms R Bent
10SW- Ms S Waine and Ms K Ananaba


Key Information and Events

Year 10 will be developing their knowledge of their GCSE courses. They will be learning skills to help them to develop their individual study practice to enable them to maximise their learning potential.

Alongside their academic studies, students will be given a chance to take part in workshops/ discussions to enable them to develop workplace skills and general life skills.

This will enable them to think about their future goals and help to inspire them to focus on gaining the best academic grades they can.


For Year 10 students to achieve success, they must make sure that they are completing both classwork and homework in and outside of lessons.

Year 10 students should be expecting to complete at least 2 hours of homework and private revision for each subject each week. Additionally, the students should have created their own revision timetable to enable them to consolidate the learning taking place in the classroom.

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