Year 10

Head of Year: Ms N Sherren

Deputy Head of Year: Ms Mohiuddin



Tutor Groups and Tutors 2021/22

10RP: Mrs R Panesar & Ms Adebolu
10TF: Mr T Freeman Jones
10PC: Mr P Christmas and Ms S Rasul
10TA: Mr T Augustin and Ms Edwards
10RPE : Mrs R Perhar & Ms Chadwick
10LC: Ms L Coombs-Roberts, Mr Stow & Ms Wiltshire
10CP: Mr C Perrins and Mrs J McGinn
10AH: Mr A Hall & Ms Cunningham


Key Information and Events

The schools vision is “Success for Everyone”. In order to succeed this, Year 10s vision is for every action we should be thinking ‘am I doing the best I can’ ‘am I being the best version of myself’.

The focuses for year 10 this year will be developing their knowledge of their GCSE courses. They will be learning skills to help them to develop their individual study practice to enable them to maximise their learning potential.

Alongside their academic studies, students will be given a chance to take part in workshops/ discussions to enable them to develop workplace skills and general life skills.  They will also have the opportunity to undertake a two week experience placement in March.  This will enable them to think about their future goals and help to inspire them to focus on gaining the best academic grades they can.

Key skills that we will be focussing on will be:

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication

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