Year 7 Transition Trips

This year we took Year 7 to the Link in Thamesmead to work with Caroline Oakley from Oakley Adventures. This was a brand new trip, in the absence of Wrotham, our usual centre, for confidence building and teamwork activities. At first, when I heard that Wrotham had closed down, my heart sank as the boys have enjoyed many years of transition fun there! However, I needn't have worried: Caroline and her team did a fabulous job on our doorstep at The Link!

This trip enabled the Year 7s to work together and develop essential life skills such as confidence building, teamwork, co-operation, collaboration and, just as importantly, to have fun, which they did! It was a pleasure to see so many boys overcoming their fears and attempting things they did not think possible in a safe and friendly environment. Tutors, too, could join in the fun and take part and many did; others watched with pride from the side lines.

In addition to our time spent at The Link, we also worked alongside the 6th formers in Year 12 who put together a programme for the Year 7s to participate in over on our school field. It was really rewarding to see some of our 6th formers taking on this responsibility with such confidence and skill. This working together is something we hope to build on in the future. A big thank you to Ms.Principe for organising it so well.

Needless to say, we hope to replicate this fun next year if we can.

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